August 22, 2011

Black bean, corn & sweet potato enchiladas

I am not a food photographer. Clearly. But I do love to eat. And cook. This is a super simple dinner, suitable to make ahead for the freezer or throw together on a weeknight.
I'm not a vegetarian (hello, bacon), but I do like to make meatless meals, both for cost and environmental reasons. And sweet potatoes are chock full of good stuff.

Cut the kernels off an ear of corn.
Dice half of a medium sized sweet potato. Saute for a few minutes to give it a head start. Mix with the corn, a can of black beans and about half a can of diced green chiles.
Warm your corn tortillas in a skillet or in the oven. Spoon the filling in, roll and place in baking dish. Continue until you run out of filling.
Pour sauce over enchiladas. I like Trader Joe's salsa verde, but use whatever you like. Sprinkle with grated cheese. I used colby jack.
Bake at 350° for about 45 minutes, until all golden and crunchy.

I think sour cream is crucial and a salad is nice too. That wasn't too hard, was it?

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