August 26, 2011

Is it just me?

I can't figure out if other people think all new parents know everything about babies or if it's just me.

I do have a head for trivia. I collect random bits of info and store it away, like a squirrel wanting to be fat and happy through winter. As a matter of fact, just yesterday I was telling a relative that newborns are nose-breathers, that's why they sneeze so much. I did say I had no idea when they learn to also breathe through their mouths, but at four months old, I'm sure it's the nose-breathing and not hay fever.

On the other hand, people keep asking me really specific questions about her developmental timeline.
I had a friend ask if she recognized her name yet. This was a few months back. After I said oh god no, she wanted to know when the babe would be able to. I don't know.
The first few months, everyone wanted to know if she could see across the room yet. I don't know.

I said before pregnancy that I wasn't going to be the type to read parenting books. My husband threw that back in my face as I read baby books during the pregnancy. I guess he didn't get the distinction. I meant I wasn't going to read the how to books, the ones that say if this, then that, with parenting styles that have names. I did want to be prepared, in general, for what to expect. You know, like the Boy Scouts.
So, I read a few pregnancy books, then a few baby books and a couple of breastfeeding books. Apparently, this has made me an expert. (Seriously. The lactation consultant at the hospital was surprised my "technique" was spot on.)
I always assumed we were being much more laid-back in our approach than most modern day, neurotic parents. Turns out, we're more like the kids who took the SAT prep course.

I guess it's paying off. We haven't ruined her yet.

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