August 8, 2011

Just the random musings from a day in the life of a quirky mommy

Who the hell starts a blog in 2011?
I do, apparently.

I thought about starting a blog last year while I was pregnant. I wanted to be able to have a record of the experience, but it seemed really weird to be documenting it for zero people. I guess I was too lazy to get a book and you know, write a real journal.
It must seem less weird now, because here I am, blogging to nobody. For propriety's sake, I'm going to pretend someone is reading. More than one someone, even.

I'm not planning on making an effort to conceal my identity, but I'm not going to reveal a ton of details, either. Let's just say I find it easier to be honest if I don't know you know you. And to a certain degree, my blogging persona will be a persona. I may omit or exaggerate facts, just for the sake of a good story, though usually I find the truth is funny enough. Or tragic. Whichever.

This can be a totally one-sided relationship - I'm cool with that, though I would like to get to know you, too. We'll take things slowly though, shall we?

Also, the title of this post wanted to make me stick a fork in my eye.

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