September 21, 2011

Coffee table

I hate it when a how-to or before and after is all, "Oh, I found this at at yard sale for $2 and repainted it! Oh, this old thing? I just had it laying around." So, I apologize in advance. But check out my new coffee table.

My father-in-law had a coffee table on his front porch for the last 20 years, built by his father. It got tossed when we did some cleaning this year, as the wood was ruined. I did manage to scavenge the legs, which needed a bit of sanding and a new coat of black Rustoleum.
If you don't just happen to have a set of hairpin legs lying around, the internet says you can get them here or here. (I want to order some tall ones for a console table now.)
I found the white table top in the as-is section at IKEA for $5. When it inevitably gets trashed, I'll put the legs on a nice piece of rustic-looking, salvaged wood. That I probably won't just have laying around, but hopefully can find at The Rebuilding Center.

Do not talk to me about the carpet.

This is about the price I can afford for decorating.
We have been pretty lucky in inheriting or rescuing pieces from relatives. That side chair? The in-laws' basement. I spent about $40 to put new cushions and seat straps on it. We also got a great hutch and dibs on the cracked ice dinette set. The side table? My grandparents' attic. Also took the accordian lamp that was in the family room when I was a kid. I don't know why they took it down, because the rest of their family room is exatcly the same: mirror wall, giant chess pieces and black and orange shag carpet.
I think we've run out of relatives to plunder, so we're on our own finding a nice rug.

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