September 27, 2011

On IKEA and feeding

I'm thankful we have an IKEA in town now and don't have to drive to Seattle once a year, and cram the car and tie stuff on top with flimsy twine that we have to keep pulling onto the shoulder of I-5 to check because it looks like things are moving and come home with stuff we probably don't need because it'll be another year before we go. I don't go more often than once a year anyway, but it's nice to know the option exists.

This is what we came home with yesterday.

We already owned the baby. I mean the high chair and rattle. She's not ready for eating yet, but it's nice to be able to sit her at the table while we eat.
We're planning on doing the baby-led weaning thing. It just sounds much simpler and more sensible than the puree thing. This being our first and the only baby we've spent a good deal of time around, we really don't know, but that's our impression. And when I say "we" and "our," I clearly mean me. My husband just kind of nods and goes with it.

The pediatrician gave her approval of the plan, but none of our friends or acquaintances have heard of this. Neither had the nutritionist at the WIC office. I explained what we were planning on doing and she proceded to give me instructions about how to introduce cereal and purees. Oh well. Smile, nod, ignore. Golden advice for parenting.

So far, the only food-related thing she's shown interest in is beer. I should be more specific: it's the bottle she's interested in. The teething continues, but still no actual teeth to show for it. She will, however, have a lovely collection of photos to give CPS.

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