September 30, 2011


So, I may have mentioned that I'm not particularly keen on revealing a ton of details about who I am. (Who the government says I am, anyway. I'm fine with revealing the inside of my head). Mostly because it would be pretty awkward if my legion (yes, legion) of fans tracked me down at work. Or if someone I knew professionally came across this blog and got some details I might not be comfortable sharing with them. This all sounds strange out of context, I'm sure. What it comes down to is this: being an entrepreneur sucks.
The plan, which was working pretty well so far, was for me to only work part time post-baby. Being self-employed came back to bite me in the ass this week, and I'll be working every day. Nope, no weekends even. For the forseeable future. There are some options we're looking into and honestly, the options are things we should've been doing already. (I won't get into why. Details.)
Which leaves me with less time with my husband and grimy-necked baby. And less time for posting. I hate it when bloggers apologize for not posting more often or being gone without explanation. It usually sounds silly, because it's just life getting in the way and I get that.
Life is getting in the way. I can't make any promises on the quantity or quality of my posts until something changes.
In the meantime, here's a picture of a baby.

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