September 8, 2011

Why am I encouraging this?

About a week ago, the babe stopped putting up such an unholy fuss when on her stomach and started trying to get things just out of her reach.
She's not really close to figuring out crawling yet, but she's getting there.
When her head is up, so are her feet. Conversely, in order for her to push with her feet, her head also has to be on the ground. Which results in her pushing her face across the blanket millimeters at a time.
Seeing her work so hard, I put my hands against the soles of her feet so she's got something to push against. Now she's pulling one knee at a time forward.
Luckily, she's still forgetting her arms, so once she moves a few inches, they're underneath her. She'll keep inching forward, but it's not very effective.

Most of the skills she's developed so far have been from can't to can, so it's pretty amazing to be able to see process. Lots of little tiny victories every day.
Then I stop and realize that once she masters this, I can't just plop her on a blanket and expect her to be there when I turn around.
I will never be able to pee again.

Who needs to pee?

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