November 23, 2011

Out of practice

I used to write all the time. I pretty much always had a notebook with me. My hand would be stained with ink and sometimes, I had trouble deciphering what I'd written later. Bus rides are not good for penmanship, nor are hand cramps.
Then I became a business owner and had neither time nor energy left at the end of the day.
I think part of that, too, is just getting older. When I was in my early twenties, a pool table or a dart board were a must at at bar, because who wants to just sit and drink? Over the last few years I've found that I'd rather perch at the bar and chat after a long day.

I keep writing posts and deleting them because they're pretty incoherent. Most days, I barely have time to get my thoughts down, let alone organized.
I don't think I've atrophied, I'm just extremely out of shape.

My priority now is my family. Raising my daughter, loving my husband, taking care of our home. Also making sure I have enough left for myself, in order to do the preceding well.
I keep saying "after the new year," as in after the new year, I'll start to look for a part time job, I'll start writing regularly, I'll get to my to-do list. This isn't an attempt at a New Year's resolution. It's simply that I make a lot of handmade gifts and the few months leading up to Christmas are filled with knitting, sewing and baking.
It's hard to talk about it without it sounding like excuses. There's always something, no matter what you're trying to do or not do. So just do it, already.
Gently. I don't want to sprain anything, because an injury would really set me back.

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