Well, hello there!

My name is Nicole. I married my high school sweetheart after 15 years (just to be sure) and we recently had a daughter. We're both native Portlanders, which may explain a few things. I promise you, I'm not considered weird or a hippie around here. Even though I'd kind of really like to live on a commune and I used to drive a Volvo and wear Birkenstocks.

I sometimes think I was born in the wrong era, but since I can't decide on which one, I'm probably better off. I love food and beer, crafty things, music, movies, politics and my friends and family. And America.

I like learning new things. I will give advice, whether you want it or not. I'm somehow becoming both more crotchety and more Pollyanna-ish as I get older.  I'm considering sewing elbow patches on my sweaters so I have something to wear when I yell at the TV.

I'm usually a terrible lurker, but I'm hoping you won't be.
You can drop me a line at whoyoujivin [at] gmail [dot] com.